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Control (Jackie Leven as 'John St. Field') (1971)

The Mystery of Love Is Greater Than The Mystery of Death (1994)

Forbidden Songs of the Dying West (1995)

The Argyll Circle (1996)

Fairytales for Hardmen (1997)

Night Lilies (1998)

Defending Ancient Springs (2000)

Creatures of Light and Darkness (2001)

Shining Brother Shining Sister (2003)

For Peace Comes Dropping Slow (2004)

Songs for Lonely Americans - with Jackie as 'Sir Vincent Lone' (2004)

Jackie Leven Said (with Ian Rankin (2005)

Elegy For Johnny Cash (2005)

Oh What A Blow That Phantom Dealt Me! (2006)

When The Bridegroom Comes (songs for women) with Jackie as ‘Sir Vincent Lone’ (2007)

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